Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?

Internet technology is continually changing and progressing.

Trying to keep pace yourself can be daunting and time-wasting. Outsourcing your website maintenance and updating allows you and your company to focus time and resources on revenue generating opportunities.

Why not let MR-Marketing take your headaches away?

Maintenance Benefits
• Keep your website always looking professional
• Protect your site against hackers and malware
• Save time and focus on your business
• Fresh updated content helps SEO
• Avoid Google penalties from outdated tactics
• Keep safe copies of your website in case it's damaged

Why MR-Marketing?
Based in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, MR-Marketing looks after websites for customers all over the UK. We are able to look after websites built on any CMS and have particular expertise in Wordpress, Joomla and Magento.

On top of all this technical know-how, MR-Marketing delivers the personal touch. We know how important it is to keep websites up and running, looking professional and appearing in search engine rankings.

CMS Updates
The content management software (CMS) that runs your site is updated by its developers team almost every month. This is to embrace new technology and protect underlying files against new hacker threats such as viruses, trojans and other malware. It's of utmost importance to keep your website's CMS up-to-date and apply new security patches immediately.

Out Dated CMS
Outdated software is the biggest cause of website infections, hacking and reinfections. Every day new loopholes are found in the software that underpins websites and only constant updates can protect your site. Without this you risk not only your own site becoming infected but often infecting other sites as well, unless you regain control.

Saves Time
Many web site owners are rightly busy running their businesses and putting effort into improving profitability. They may not have the time or expertise to perform CMS and website updates.

That’s why so many business owners use MR-Marketing to maintain their websites, keeping them in business without them having to lift a finger.

Our Website Maintenance Package includes the following services

Priority service, shorter turnaround
Opt for our priority service which includes all the services outlined below but with a shorter turnaround time - usually one to two business days for updates.

Keeping a current backup of your website is vital. We'll backup your website and all its data on a secure cloud backup system. This will be done before and after any major changes and, depending on how actively you update your site, can also be done automatically every day, week or month.

Content Updates
Updating, correction or creation of new web pages as requested.

Web Site Platforms
All platforms supported especially WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

Website Protection
Malware & blacklist monitoring - scanning your site for hidden problems.

Upgrades and Patches
Keeping your CMS software and website safe with updates and security patches.

Malware Cleanup
Our malware analyst will personally examine and audit your website identifying, investigating and resolving any anomalies.

No Page Limit
However large your site is - from one to a thousand pages - it can be cleaned by our specialist - nothing is more important to us than the safety of your site.

Server-Side Malware Scan
We monitor all the files on the server that hosts your website - the files you don't see and you might not realise they exist. This is to find any hidden viruses, trojans or malware, including "backdoors" threats which allow hackers to take control of your server.

Database Maintenance
SQL database checks and repairs. underneath your data there is a database engine which handles all the queries and looks after the information about your system. Even things like your themes, posts, plugins, pages, users, etc. etc.

Database software is just as susceptible to malicious attacks as other server software but it's just not visible on a dashboard or control panel. Problems can be serious issues but you can rely on MR-Marketing's personal service to look after this for you.

Blacklist Removal
If you are hacked and your website is damaged, this will often be noticed by services like Google and the anti-virus companies like Norton. They will put your site on their blacklists so that other people avoid it - not so good for business!

Once everything is cleared up we will make sure it is resubmitted to any such lists and put you back on the map.

Plugin and Add-on Updates
Most modern websites using a CMS will have plug-ins to do various specific jobs. These are often maintained by people other than the developers who created your site and your CMS. We will monitor these and make sure any updates are applied as soon as they come out.

Optimise Images
Optimising images for size can make your website load faster, giving your prospects and customers better service, without affect quality.

Email Setup & Migration
Integrating emails to and from websites can be tricky. MR-Marketing can help you create your emails and setup everything to work perfectly with email clients on your own systems - Mail for Mac, Outlook, Eudora, Windows Mail and any tablet or smartphone email software

Google & Bing Search Console
We'll log on to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to see if they see any problems with your site - then fix them

Error Logs
We'll check and monitor the control panel on your web hosting platform to ensure everything's running smoothly

Fix & Monitor Site Links
What happens if someone visits a page on your site and it's not found? They are not coming back. It's unprofessional and makes Google downgrade your site as well - but we can monitor it easily and fix it before you even know it's happened.

Website DDoS Protection
If you're ever unfortunate enough to be the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which tries to bring your website down, we can control that and put a stop to it.

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