Even though the High Street is undergoing phenomenal change, innovation and eye-catching packaging still has it's place.

Packaging for a digital world

In fact there's more requirement for real, physical products to stand out from the crowd today, even when they're being sold online. When online stores like Amazon, eBay and even Google present rows of similar products, your products need to grab attention.

And that's not just about bright colours or strange shapes. Packaging needs to draw the eye and send a clear message as to the product benefits - often for different regions and in different languages and for

But that attention-grabbing packaging needs to do it's job too. It has to protect the product, protect the consumer while still being cost-effective.

What can be done?

You might be surprised that an agency that builds and markets brands, both online and offline, would also talk about packaging.

Well, founder Mike Rushby is steeped in packaging expertise - a Member of the Institute of Packaging with peerless knowledge of the and materials used in packaging, including unusual substrates.

A unique blend that delivers for you

This gives MR Marketing a unique mix that is used tackle your packaging and branding problems, marrying the physical elements with digital ones to create a coherent image that sells your products.

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There are no high-pressure sales tactics at MR Marketing.

We'd love to speak to about the issues you're facing in this fast-moving world and if we can help then all the better.

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