We’re experienced in all of the elements involved in bringing a new product or service to market. We understand all the steps involved in translating an initial concept into a market-ready product or service.

New product development

Getting that new product across the divide from concept to reality requires some special insight. We’ve got the tools and the knowledge to make it happen.

Our approach to new product development is all-inclusive: everything from ideas generation and developing product concepts, through to product variants and brand extensions. It’s about making the most of your offer, extending your reach and maintaining your creativity and freshness.

Qualitative research – ie working with focus groups – plays a major role in new product development. The key to success here is the presentation. It isn’t enough to chat to people in a room – the experience needs to be interactive, tactile and holistic. We have a specialist service to help prepare your product or service for those vital focus groups, providing conceptual displays, mood boards, and proposals for brand diversification.


A brand identity is what sets you apart. It is how your customers see you, and how they recognise you. It’s the way you want to be seen. A brand identity helps you control your image – and protects your product from imitation or theft.

A brand identity is made of different components, including name, logo, colours, symbols, and typeface. We can create every one of those elements for you.

Any product brand identity that we develop for you will be handmade and specific, from shape, texture and colours through to graphics and packaging design.

We’re good at thinking it all through. We have experience in multi-lingual brand identities that can be rolled out across continents.

Packaging Design

Good packaging protects your wares, informs the buyer, and helps to sell your product.

Packaging has many roles. It has to be practical. It needs to protect not only the product, but the consumer. It can be highly informative. It should be distinctive and attractive.

The right packaging ensures your products and services reflect your business. It will embrace your consumer market research. It should enhance your new product development, brand creation and development. Its design should be functional and aesthetic.

We work with many different substrates, including plastic, glass and tin, and a have sound technical understanding of the requirements for each. Our offer includes both the graphics and the photography.

We have extensive experience in packaging for international markets, in both retail and trade packaging.

MR marketing

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