"Why is my website not getting me enough business?"

This is a frequent opening question by many business owners and when you explain that a website is only one element of the marketing mix and there is no simple silver bullet, you can see them becoming interested.

The world of digital marketing has become complicated and navigating your way around is time-consuming and open to many opportunities to waste time and budget. However, get it right and it is awesome!

When asked who planned your strategy and built your website, the answers are either; a mate, a friend of a friend, or I knocked it up in WordPress, occasionally we hear staggering sums of money paid to an agency for pretty designs, however, missing the essential business understanding, core consumer message and technical know-how to make the website easy to navigate or compliant to search engines.

Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.
Morris Chang, is a Taiwanese-American businessman

We like to create an effective strategy that can be measured, we get pride out of seeing the execution take shape and deliver meaningful results.

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MR Marketing is a website design & development, digital marketing and advertising consultancy. We offer affordable web design & development, digital marketing, advertising, branding, graphic designing and copywriting services to make businesse's strategic branding and marketing activities effective.

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