How to increase your conversion using remarketing

Did you know that once someone has visited a specific page on your website, we have the ability to send targeted adverts to them, at different intervals with targeted messages, how powerful is that?

This has helped us vastly improve your rate of return on advertising spend and conversion rates for our clients across a variety of different business.

The power of remarketing lies in its flexibility and ability to target those customers you know are close to purchasing.

For some of our clients remarketing offers a second, third, fourth or even tenth chance to reach customers that did not convert the first time. For others, remarketing services may be used to upsell more products based on the ones already purchased. You are able to decide who you want to target, when and where, all based on a huge variety of actions they made on your site. You might want to target customers that have items in their basket but not completed checkout, or customers that have not logged in in the last 30 days. You might even want to segment your remarketing by demographic, showing specific ads to specific groups of people. All this and others like this are possible using remarketing.

Facebook dynamic retargeting

The Facebook exchange is similar to both Googles remarketing and dynamic remarketing, except adverts, are shown specifically on Facebooks pages. Facebook dynamic retargeting allows you the ability to create static or dynamic ads to customers who have visited your site, whilst they browse Facebook.

Dynamic, e-commerce remarketing

If you have an e-commerce site and a product feed, you will have the potential to harness remarketing in an even more powerful way; dynamic remarketing. By linking your feed to your remarketing “list” (a list of visitors that have visited your site) you will be able to remind the customer about specific products they have been interested in or upsell new products a specific amount of time after purchase. All of this works dynamically with a little setup help from an expert. When combined with special offers and discounts you might want to offer those customers, you are reducing your risk of losing that sale to competitors.

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