Churchill LogoThe Churchill and Sarsden Heritage Centre

The Churchill and Sarsden Heritage Centre is a local heritage centre in a Cotswold village of Churchill.

It is run by a management committee with volunteers undertaking curating responsibilities.

The main digitised exhibits are the stories of Warren Hastings (first governor-general of India) and William Smith (distinguished geologist) who were both born in the village. The eminent squire of the village, James Langston, is also featured in a touch screen display.

There are also temporary displays (currently featuring the village in the time of World War Two) and digital photo displays exhibiting historic images of the community. Documents, maps, building records and family history records comprise the historical resources at the Centre. Relevant books and guides are available for sale.

The Heritage Centre is housed in the remaining chancel of the demolished medieval church and is surrounded by the village graveyard.  It overlooks what is known as the ‘lost’ village of Churchill, destroyed by fire in 1684.

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