What does branding mean to you? A logo? Colour scheme? Nice headed paper?

Those form part of it, yes, but the real power of a brand is what supports that - what the brand represents, what customers think when they see it.

How can you control that?

Consistent branding delivers trust

Consumers have many more ways of interacting with organisations these days so consistent, recognisable branding is even more important than before. 

If people see different versions of your branding when they are on a social media site, compared to being in your shop or office, or on your website, it will confuse them. At best they'll think it's shoddy, at worst you'll lose trust - and trust is an incredibly important step toward making sales.

Other dimensions

Look and feel is the obvious end result of a branding exercise but it is much more than that. 

There are many ways that your brand can be reflected - the tone and style of written content, both online and in print; consistency across packaging, leaflets, banners, catalogues and more.

It should cover every single way your company is represented. It can even include telephone answering style, decor and clothing - particularly for customer-facing staff.

How do you get your branding right?

In partnership with MR Marketing your branding will be built from the ground up, starting with an examination of the values and principles of your organisation - what benefits you offer and what you stand for.

Then we'll work with you to come up with the forward-facing elements - colour schemes, logos, fonts, house style and everything else. Finally we'll help with the practical side - implementing it across all of your company's assets.

Brands deliver

The end result will be a reflection of your company - a brand you can build on to get recognition that will deliver trust, sales and referrals.

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